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A great app to replace mouse/trackpad with head movements

Cesar Mauri |
added on February 19, 2020


Mouse movement is precise and easy to master
A great idea for users with certain disabilities
Completely free


Clicking needs to be updated to make it easier
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Computer accessibility and user experience are different for everyone. The same as most feel most comfortable moving the mouse cursor using our hands and a trackpad/mouse, users with certain disadvantages might feel better if they had an alternative. Luckily, a great one can be found with eViacam.

eViacam is an application that uses your computer's camera to track your head movements and moves your mouse cursor accordingly. It's a great concept that can be useful to many people! The idea may not live up to commercial success as this can hardly replace your regular mouse control but it's still a great concept that might expand in the future.

After the initial configuration where you'll calibrate your video camera and set up various settings such as sensitivity, automatic face detection, and framerate, you'll be ready to use it in no time. The most important feature this app has to offer works amazingly. If you manage to set up your camera for a framerate of more than 25 frames-per-second, you'll see that the mouse movement is very precise. It registers movements correctly and it should only take a minute or two to get the hang of it.

If you enable mouse-clicking, you'll notice that things get a bit complicated. The only available clicking option is to hold your head still in a single spot in order to click. Clicking can be set up independently to represent a left-click, double-click, right-click, middle button click, or a drag. It's easy to see that it can get difficult. We hope that, in the future, a better solution will emerge such as blinking once or something similar. Also, some features such as opening the on-screen keyboard don't work unless you disable UAC (User Account Control). This is something the developers are working on!
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